A unique methodology of effective learning - with ICAL

Could learning be a discovery, joy, a game for both children and parents... and to be even more effective this way? How could we create an environment which nurtures the potencial, the strong sides, the talants and the knowledge of children? At school and at home. ICAL / The International Center for Accelerative Learning is an international institute which has been researching and applying methods which lead to effective learning. Inspired by the suggestopedy methodology developed by prof. Georgi Lozanoff in the 80-ties, the founders of the institute combine it into their work throughout the world with other theories such as these of prof. Howard Gardner, sir Ken Robinson, Benjamin Bloom, Charles Shmidt, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Jack Canfield and others. Their approach is based on scientific data about learning from the last 50 years. In their system and methodology 11 independent learning methodologies are intertwined: Аccelerative learning / Multiple Intelligences / Dartmouth Method /Regenerative Brain Research / Natural Approach / Self-Esteem & Self-Concept / Total Physical Response / Curriculum & Instructional Design / Suggestopedia / Optimal Performance (Flow) / Holistic Education Learn more at > https://www.realeducation.net/ 2 NOVEMBER > 14 – 15 h / House of science and technics