Dialogue in the Dark, Bulgaria at EMPATHEAST 2015!

Dialogue in the Dark” is a successful social entrepreneurial model founded by Dr. Andreas Heinecke in Germany. The format was presented during EMPATHEAST in 2014 by the Bulgarian Daniela Dimitrova, who is a main part of the organization and a trainer. Now, one year later, Daniela is helping set up a Bulgarian franchise of Dialogue in the dark together with a team of 6 blind people, specially trained to facilitate discussions in full darkness.

The newly founded Bulgarian branch of Dialogue in the Dark will take part at EMPATHEAST 2015 with a talk by the organizers and a few dialogues in full darkness touching on burning issues in our society. For more on the topics and place,time of the dialogues, follow our website and facebook page. The registrations for participation at the forum will be open in the beginning of November 2015!

Until now, the team of Dialogue in the Dark, Bulgaria have organized a few team-buildings in darkness as well as wine degustation, poetry reading and a concert in the dark. Inspired by the empathy and opening up of other senses in the dark spaces of the sessions, Dialogue in the Dark plans regular events all around the country.