International Art Residency

For a second year in a row our international artistic residency hosts 4 artists from the Tandem Europe network for 20 days in the European capital of culture for 2019 - Plovdiv. They will live in Plovdiv from 16th October until 5th of November and will make a field research on specific topics related to the cultural diversity of the city, the access to culture in the villages from the region, the social and cultural consequnces of the title European capital of culture. Their artistic creations will reflect their discoveries on the concrete topics they chose and will be exhibited and presented during EMPATHEAST (1 - 3 November 2019) in the form of either a performance, installation, exhibition, workshop or other provocative artistic form.  The main goal of these residencies is to deepen the understanding of important social and cultural topics through the prespective of art and to start the creation of a wider network of solidarity between Bulgarian and foreign artists.