Find your voice!

Find your voice

In its nature and beyond the national level, the human voice is a constant urge to get to understand others. Could a universal language exist? Or a shared language which can encourage us to accept the limitations of every single language?

Konstantin Kuchev, a magician of the improvisational communication through music, will be your gentle guide in a funny and beautiful process of getting to know your own voice.

Let yourself know the true power of your voice! Paint with you voice. When you speak – sing as well. Talk musically. Feel the music inside the words, inside the movement of your body, inside people you meet, throughout the spaces which you make alive with your presence and the way you set air into motion. Sing anywhere! Mumble quietly in the public transport. Hum while at work. Sing loudly with a heart widely open on the streets. You do it for yourself but actually you change the environment around you.

Your voice is a cat which loves to be caressed.The more you caress it, the happier the cat will be.

13 November, 9:30 h, Youth house, Vratsa