Digital “Sedyanka”

A new version of a traditional rural gathering

Digital Sedyanka* is a part of “My Bulgarian history” initiative and it is an interactive adventure into the hidden and little known stories of Bulgaria. Each guest becomes a storyteller and an author of unknown stories – handed down from generation to generation, stories of eminent families, legends and myths and historical events. During Sedyanka one can witness how a story comes alive onto a digital map of “My Bulgarian history” ( Together we digitalize the history of Bulgaria - live.

EMPATHEAST 2016 will bring the story-gatherers from “My Bulgarian history” together with the local people of Vratsa and the region in Vratsa Digital Sedyanka. People of Vratsa will tell their abundant stories and we will record them.

*community gathering in villages for fun or work; bee

11 NOVEMBER, 11 h, Museum of history, Vratsa