Center - Periphery

Center - Periphery is an interactive panel whose goal is to help us rethink the mainstream perceptions about Center and Periphery which cause the closing up and isolation of large groups of people in the modern world and in Bulgaria.

The panel will provoke a dialogue between people, initiatives and organizations which are looking for ways to repopulate the unpopulated parts of the country. All of them live, work, create, have entrepreneurial achievements or establish cultural and educational initiatives in less populated locations which are often seen as hopeless, unpopulated and without any prospects. 

Center - Periphery will seek to answer the question of how we can combine our powers and change the current situation but not before we examine the causes and sum up the possible solutions. We hope the panel will provoke the creation of new solutions and encourage cooperation between different parts of the country with similar issues.

During the panel people from different backgrounds will also present specific ideas and initiatives from the field of education, economics, culture and media, which aim to create a new outlook on less populated places.