Barefoot love

An exhibition showing portraits of elderly couples, a part of “Baba Residence” “Baba Residence” – an initiative which for a 5th consecutive year introduces young people from different towns and cities to elderly people from villages around the country in whose homes they get to live for a month. After the 2016 Residence in the villages of Kostalevo, Pavolche, and Chelopek, a couple of the residents, together with Maria Angelova, a photographer, created the travelling exhibition with elderly couples’ stories: Barefoot Love. The portraits are shot by Maria Angelova and Militsa Djandjova. Here is what Maria has to share about the idea behind the exhibition: “Why is love barefoot? When I met with one of the couples, the lady told us a story from one of her travels: how she had taken off her shoes so that she could walk barefoot over expensive perfume which somebody had just spilled in the store. At that moment I saw her so very young, like a child, still skipping from place to place, still so alive and loving, still barefoot and pure. In the series we show portraits of people who share their love stories.  At EMPATHEAST 2019 you have the chance to experience the continuation of this series of portraits in an exhibiton, created by Mariya Angelova. She took portraits of elderly couples from the villages of Baba Residence 2019 - Koshava, Negovanovtsi and Sinagovtsi and gathered their personal stories of what it means to love and be loved. Location: Central Post Office