Baba Auction

Baba auction is a charity initiative that combines rediscovering old valuables with aiding the Baba residence project. Each person can participate by donating an old item with aesthetic, educational or practical value. All received items will be sold to the highest bidder during EMPATHEAST at a playful event led by an experienced social entrepreneur. The collected funds will be donated for the Baba residence project, which will take part in different villages in Bulgaria in 2020. Baba residence creates better conditions for young people from the city to move to the homes of elderly people from the villages and to stay with them for a month. Thus, they help around, learn, and document intimate and traditional folk narratives. After their stay a number of youngsters develop their own social enterprises aimed at aiding the local community.   2 NOVEMBER > 20 - 21 h / Total sport (Ekzarh Yosif str. 13)