EMPATHEAST 2016: rethinking social good in times of radicalization

Empathy-driven change in Eastern Europe NOW!

In time of crisis and radicalization, where pockets of “only one truth” are multiplying across Europe and the world, arises the urgent need to...Read more


А space for launching social innovators and good ideas Ideas of social enterprises, cultural initiatives and various social innovations...

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Art Innovation Challenge 2016

Socially-engaged art is an open and possibly adequate answer to many urgent community needs. Artists working in different fields are...

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Open Home

Open Home for positive social change! 11 - 13 November 2016, Vratsa. Everybody knows couchsurfing. But the very concept in its...

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Social Impact Hackathon

EMPATHEAST & Hackathon Vratsa present: Social Impact Hackathon This is a hackathon which seeks solutions...

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Mir Vam

An answer of socially engaged theatre to the forces that draw people apart and incite us to fear others...

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Digital “Sedyanka”

A new version of a traditional rural gathering Digital Sedyanka* is a part of “My Bulgarian history” initiative and it...

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Baba Residence

A steady bridge between the diverse cultural and generational “islands” of Bulgaria ...

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Cross-sectoring for social impact investment

This interactive panel will examine the nature and opportunities for innovative partnerships between the public sector, business and civil society...

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Workshop is a small exhibition area where participants will be involved and surprised in the field of art and technology especially with the use...

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Find your voice!

Find your voice In its nature and beyond the national level, the human voice is a constant urge to get to...

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WORK THAT RECONNECTS Workshop for motivation and creativity Filipa and Claudian Dobos will lead a Work That Reconnects...

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Crowdfunding workshop

Are you a creative, a cultural manager or an active citizen who has an idea in your drawer? Is your project at that point, in which it...

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Why wait for the Euro, if we can make our own local currency and exchange system ? And help revitalise and (re)build community through it ? LETS (...

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City Dramaturg in a Superdiverse Context

How urban context influences theatre and how theatre influences the context within which it's being created.  During this workshop...

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Center - Periphery

Center - Periphery is an interactive panel whose goal is to help us rethink the mainstream perceptions about Center and Periphery which cause the...

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Stories of Concord square

"Concord" (Omonia) is the name of the square where UrbanDig Project does its community and performing arts program in 2016-2017. The workshop uses...

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World Café

World Café is in the form of a discussion and it explores the ability of collective intelligence to resolve issues and bring innovative...

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An interactive corner with Baba Residence audio stories

poetry is a language within the language. it challenges its own barriers while preordained to use them as a creative fuel. its core is loaded with...

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Stop Motion Animation – Interactive Station

Stop motion animation lets us play with time, creating loopholes where timelessness can exist. Imagination combines the moments in a single flow...

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INSPIRATION TALKS: a Sunday brunch with granny meals

What is the main ingredient of persistency and healthy stubbornness? What does it take to stay true to yourself and continue walking your own path...

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The Voice of the Place / VOX LOCUS

What stories can the locals tell us? How can the reality of everyday life for the people of Vratsa turn into theatre? Is there a connecting thread...

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Ed Santman How the arts can change education and society
George Sachinis Site-specific performance art and social impact in different communities
Argyro Barata How to unleash the power of the crowd.
Nadejda Loumbeva Cross-section partnerships for social impact
Adeshola Adetunde Adefioye - Tunde Young people and the ways to help them interact with literature and culture
Neda Sokolovska Migration through the eyes of theater
Bepart Public imagination and public spaces
IgralO – Renny and Angel IgralO - making the connection between traditions and new tehcnology
Jason Nardi Еthical finance, solidarity economy and the ways to implement them locally
Matina Magkou Neighbourhoods and their hidden cultural treasures / UrbanDig project


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